Bank Dhofar

Student Card:

Jump start your financial journey with BankDhohar Student Card. With no upfront, annual or low monthly fees or payments the card enables you to start a good financial habit right away.

  • Minimum age 18 years old (male/female)

  • He/she must be studying in a university/college

  • Must not appear in any of the caution lists (BD, CBO, Global)

  • In case of a guarantor, all statutory checks need to be done for the guarantor (e.g. BCSB, DBR, Caution lists etc.)

Card Limits:
  • Maximum limit OMR 100

  • Free life insurance when traveling with a maximum coverage of USD 100,000.

  • Pay only 3% of outstanding monthly balance each month.

  • Insurance coverage during travel delay (more than 12 hours) with a maximum coverage of USD 2000.

  • Insurance coverage for lost luggage with a maximum coverage of USD 5000.

Annual Fees:

  • Free of charges

  • Credit Card application form duly filled & signed by the applicant.

  • A letter from the college or university, on the institute’s letterhead stating that the applicant is a bonafide student of the college/university.

  • Guarantee form signed by the guarantor (if applicable) including a valid copy of the guarantor’s Civil ID.

  • Life Insurance/Declaration form.

  • Valid copy of the applicant’s National Identity Card for Omani Nationals, passport in the case of others (Branch Managers must confirm having seen the original documents).

  • Valid copy of College Identity Card.

General Fees:
  • Over limit charge OMR 5

  • Late Payment fees: Nil

  • Cards reissue OMR 15 for all credit cards, except the E-com card OMR 7

  • PIN reissue pin code OMR 5

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