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Mobile Banking

List of Mobile banking services

  • Accounts : view all account details and balance ( saving, current mini-statement (view up to last 10 transactions) full statements view up to 150 transaction

  • Fund Transfers: Self, Third party, within Oman, Account to Account and Outside Oman

  • Bill Payments (electricity , water , Telephone , GSM and internet bills )

  • Mobile Top up ( Oman Mobile , Ooredoo and friendi )

  • Card Less Cash

  • Donations Not available for IOS

  • Service request ( Cheque book request, credit card new account , demand draft pay orders loans , insurance, pin rest ,card replacement, request status )

  • Locators ( ATMS, CDMS and branches )

  • Contact us

  • Offers

  • Prayer Timing

  • Product Catalogue

  • Exchange Rate

  • Standing order

  • Electronic cards : Debit Cards Details , Stop Card , Limit Change ( up to 5,000) and Unblocking debit card for international transactions )

  • Operation History

  • Concierge Service (Concierge service will allowed the customer holding VISA INFINITE card )

  • Accounts Icon in Pre-Login:

  • Touch ID Access for IOS devices only

  • Credit cards payment

  • Loan Payment

  • Loan Calculator

  • Cards Discount

  • Notification alert

  • Settings : Change User ID , Change Password, Change Languages, Change mobile number, Change Email ID, Change Login Mode, Favorites Service

  • Join Us ( for non-customer )

Mobile Banking Security Tips

  • Lost or changed your mobile phone number? Contact Bank Dhofar Call Center on 24791111 in order to advice you how to update your details. We suggest this is one of the first things you do

  • Lock your phone when not in use. This password-protects your device so that nobody else can use it or view information. Also be sure to store your device in a safe location.

  • Clear your mobile frequently by deleting text messages from financial institutions, especially before sharing, discarding, or selling your device

  • Watch what you send - never disclose via text message any personal information (account numbers, passwords, or personal info that could be used in ID theft)

  • Do not jail break your device as this can leave it open to infection from a virus or Trojan. We recommend you also install security software, if available.

  • Stick with a secure network by ensuring wherever possible, that all internet connections are password protected

  • Use trusted apps - always download mobile apps from reputable sources. Publisher or seller. If you have suspicions about the authenticity of a mobile banking app please contact call center on 24791111

  • DO NOT disclose your personal or any other information relating to your accounts through unknown telephone calls or any other communication channels. Even if they says that it’s from Bank Dhofar, Contact us at 24791111 if you receive such calls

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