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BankDhofar Continues to Offer Safe & Secure Financial Solutions with Best International Quality Standards

Salalah| 16 July 2019: BankDhofar has reaffirmed its pledge to provide safe and secure financial solutions, stressing on implementation of highest quality standards and best international practices in the banking and finance sector.

“Our ‘Know-Your-Customer’ policies are impeded in BankDhofar’s comprehensive customer-oriented operational strategy, and we are committed to understand our customers in order to serve them in the best possible way. In addition to providing secure products and financial solutions, we believe in our role as a market leader and we constantly launch initiatives that aim at spreading awareness, promoting and nurturing a safe and secure environment for financial transactions in Oman and across the borders,” Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili, CEO of BankDhofar said.

As part of its Know-Your-Customer scheme, BankDhofar strictly observes and undertakes necessary checks, due diligence and risk rating measures for further law enforcement and supervision of all financial transactions that go through the bank. Periodic reviews also take place to identify and verify customers while implementing strict rules of no dealing with shell banks and unlicensed businesses or entities. As part of its ‘Together 2020’ journey which aims at enriching its customer experience, BankDhofar continues to provide innovative products and creative services that are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of its retail and corporate customers. The bank offers highly secured and instant financial services with top-level security measures including cardless cash services, instant money transfer locally and internationally, 24/7 digital banking options and more. The combination of the thorough vision of the bank’s executive management, the comprehensive operational strategy that revolves around following best international banking practices and providing best customer experience, as well as commitment to community development and contribution to the growth of the national economy, placed BankDhofar on top of the list of best banks in the region.

Tue, 16 Jul 2019

BankDhofar signs an MoU with ICICI Bank

  • The partnership will facilitate instant remittances from Oman to India

Muscat 10 July 2019: BankDhofar and ICICI Bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) facilitate instant remittances to India. Representing BankDhofar at the signing ceremony was Bashir Said Al Subhi, AGM & Head of Treasury & Financial Institution, while representing ICICI Bank was Vikash Sharma, Regional Head- Middle East & Africa, ICICI Bank. The signing ceremony was attended by executive team members of BankDhofar and ICICI Bank.

On the initiative, Mr. Subhi said: “We are proud to partner with ICICI Bank. Our partnership will enable us to provide a holistic banking solution to the Indians in living in Oman. The agreement will meet their day-to-day banking needs either locally or to their India linked banking requirements."

The agreement will hugely improve the time taken for remittance transactions to India which now goes up to 48 hours. The instant remittance service will be possible as it will take place through ‘Money2India’ which is an instantaneous, secure and cost-effective online money transfer platform by ICICI Bank. Any Indian expat in Oman can avail of this instant remittance service by simply opening a Savings Bank account with BankDhofar.

Mr. Sharma said, “ICICI Bank is pleased to partner with BankDhofar. The alliance will not only aid the Indian expats in Oman to avail faster remittance services to India but also help them conveniently access home banking, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.” Both banks will help customers of each other to open savings account. In other words, BankDhofar will facilitate the Indian expats in Oman for opening an account with ICICI Bank in India should they require while ICICI Bank in India will assist its customers to open an account with BankDhofar in Oman. Both the services- instant remittance and account opening- will be available in a month.

BankDhofar is one of the best banks in the region, catering to customers’ needs and requirements, and setting the standard for best customer experience within the banking industry in the Sultanate through innovative products and creative solutions. Following best international banking practices, provision of outstanding customer experience, in addition to its commitment to community development and contribution to the growth of the national economy, has placed BankDhofar at the top of the list of best banks in the region.

ICICI Bank Ltd (BSE: ICICIBANK, NSE: ICICIBANK and NYSE:IBN) is a leading private sector bank in India. The Bank’s consolidated total assets stood at Rs.1,238,794 crore at March 31, 2019. ICICI Bank's subsidiaries include India's leading private sector insurance, asset management and securities brokerage companies, and among the country’s largest private equity firms. It is present across 15 countries, including India.

Tue, 09 Jul 2019

View your Credit Card Details through Maisarah Mobile Banking App

Muscat | 08 July 2019: Within its efforts to enrich customers’ banking experience, Maisarah updated its Mobile Banking App with a new feature where customers can view their credit card details easily.

The new feature is added in the Account Summary page. Customers may view the card type, credit card number, available balance, and card currency. Customers may also view the statement which can be sent through email of viewed as a PDF, or they may request for quick transaction history where last 15 transactions will be displayed. Additionally, customers may block the card through the mobile banking app, request for PIN reset as well as request for replacement of the card. On the new addition, Marwan Al Zadjali - Head of Alternative Delivery Channels said, “Maisarah's Mobile Banking App is one of the best apps in the banking sector with exclusive user-friendly features. The recently added feature will enable our customers to view their credit card details at their convenience."

In addition to this feature, a host of financial and non-financial transactions can be initiated on the app; which can be accessed through fingerprint or facial recognition feature, including instant funds transfer and locate the Qibla direction. Through an outstanding feature of the app, customers can transfer funds within their accounts and third party’s accounts in Maisarah. They can also transfer funds to a valid account number in another local bank in Oman. Moreover, they can instantly transfer funds to a valid ATM card number of another local bank within Oman, enabling them to conduct banking transactions anywhere and anytime.

“At Maisarah, customers' satisfaction and convenience comes at the heart of what we do. Through our mobile banking app, customers may conduct their transactions easily 24/7. We are always keen to introduce more features to enrich their experience.” Mohammad Al Mashani - Executive Manger Retail Business and Channels at Maisarah Islamic Banking Services added. Offering smart banking at the fingertips, customers can benefit from our Cardless cash feature where they can withdraw cash from an ATM without their card. Customers have to simply place a request through their mobile banking app and creating a four-digit cash code. A unique reference of six digits will be generated and sent to the customer to collect the money. The customer can then visit the nearest Maisarah ATM and enter the created four-digit code in the application along with the reference received through SMS in two different steps. The ATM will then automatically dispense the requested amount. In case the customer doesn’t collect the cash from ATM, the amount will be refunded to customer account after six hours from the time when transaction was initiated.

The innovative mobile app provides a host of other services including; mobile top-up (OmanTel, Ooreedoo, Friendi and Renna), pay utility bills (water and electricity, Mobile, Landline, Internet (Omantel/ Ooredoo), apply for a new cheque book through the, get prayer timings, Qibla direction, exchange rate, deposit rate, mudarabah weightages, offers and other information and services. Additionally, customers may look for near Branch/ATM/CDM through locator feature.

Maisarah is a full-service provider of a broad range of Sharia-compliant financial products and solutions. Maisarah maintains a complete segregation of business activities in order to provide Sharia compliant financial services to its valued customers. As a part of its strategy, the Islamic banking window has maintained high standards of corporate governance, research and development, corporate social responsibility and customer service that have helped in winning various awards in local and international markets.

Mon, 08 Jul 2019

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