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BankDhofar Launches “Mawahib” Talent Development Programme

  • BankDhofar joined hands with Ashridge Business School and Munich Development Group to deliver the development programmes.
  • “Mawahib” adopts best international practices and it focuses on developing a strategic talent pool for leaders.

Muscat, 01 January 2017: In line with its “together 2020” Vision, BankDhofar recently launched “Mawahib” programme, a unique talent development initiative to fast-forward and accelerate the growth and development of future Omani leaders in the banking industry. The initial phase of “Mawahib” includes the inauguration of two leadership development programmes that are tailored for 50 selected Omani employees from different divisions and departments at the bank.

Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili, BankDhofar’s Acting CEO, elaborated on the strategic initiative and stressed on the bank’s commitment to invest in the development and growth of Omani talent with focus on the banking and financial sector. “The first leadership development programme under this initiative has been launched in collaboration with Ashridge Business School in the UK for a group of 30 participants, while the second programme has been developed and administered for 20 participants by Munich Development Group in cooperation with the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech),” he noted.

Mawahib programme has been designed in line with international best practices and it aims to serve as a platform for all future talent training and development programmes in the bank. The programme focuses on developing a strategic talent pool for future roles through empowering young Omanis to be competent successors for all the critical roles in the bank.

“We have partnered with Alshridge Business School, which is ranked among the top 50-business school in UK and is considered as one of best global provider of customised leadership courses. Likewise, Munich Development Group will be developing the second group of talent pool. The group is specialised in Human Resource Development, Change Management and Team Building,” said Dr. Khalid Al Hamadani, Head of Learning and Talent Development at BankDhofar.

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Rory Hendrikz, Managing Director – Middle East, Ashridge Executive Education, said: "We are proud to support the long term objectives of BankDhofar by delivering an effective leadership programme for the bank's senior leaders. The primary objective of this program is to develop their leadership capabilities by helping them to implement change, manage and lead the business; and shape the organisation for future growth."

On his part, George Eichenberg, CEO of Munich Development Group, also said: “The Junior Management Leadership Development Programme for Omani professionals and talents will be a perfect platform for their further development and growth supported by BankDhofar through the Mawahib initiative. This programme provides awareness and knowledge of General Management comprising all disciplines within the organisation.”

Mawahib is aimed at sustaining the bank’s growth and vision to be the best bank in the Gulf and to become the employer of choice for the most competent Omani talent. In 2016, the bank’s learning and Development Centre provided over 300 learning opportunities for 2,382 employees focusing on developing leadership and functional competencies. The specialised training and development programmes are executed by accredited local faculties or through partnership with reputable universities, colleges and leading training providers. The bank has also sent different Management Team members abroad to attend intensive leadership courses at Harvard Business School (HBS) in the USA, London business School in the UK, Darden Business school in USA and Queen Business school in Canada.

BankDhofar has achieved 93 per cent Omanisation, giving priority for Omanis to occupy key positions, including senior management positions. The bank's HR strategy aims at developing Omani talent and equipping them with the essential skillset to make vital contributions to the bank’s growth and success. The development of human resources is a priority in the bank through providing planned and comprehensive educational and training opportunities to employees.

Mon, 02 Jan 2017

Abdul Hakeem Al Ojaili Named “Best Business Leader” at MENAA Awards

  • Abdul Hakeem Al Ojaili is named the Best Business Leader for the second year in a row.
  • Customer Delight Award reflects BankDhofar’s commitment to provide best banking experience in Oman.

Dubai, 26 December 2016: In recognition of his remarkable achievements throughout the year, BankDhofar’s Acting CEO Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili has received the Best Business Leader Award by MENAA Awards 2016, in addition to the Customer Delight Award for the bank’s continuous strive to boost the banking industry in the Sultanate through providing best products, services and financial solutions.

The awards were handed over to Abdul Aziz Saar, Executive Assistant to BankDhofar’s Acting CEO, during a high profile ceremony that took place recently at Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. The event was also attended by top business leaders in the region, high profile delegates and invited guests.

Commenting on the occasion, Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili, BankDhofar’s Acting CEO, said: “We are proud to receive such esteemed awards that reiterate our ongoing efforts to lead the financial market in the Sultanate and to be one of the major contributors to the growth and development of the Omani national economy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the award organisers for this initiative that highlights and honours top performing companies and market leaders across all industries.”

For the second year in a row, BankDhofar’s Acting CEO is highlighted as one of the top leaders in the Omani private sector and one of the most influencing people in the banking industry. In recognition of his exceptional leadership and outstanding business achievements, Al Ojaili also ranked among the Top CEOs in the GCC region at the Top CEO Awards 2016 that took place in Dubai earlier this year. In addition to his role in leading the organisation to grow rapidly and achieve outstanding results, Al Ojaili is a proactive contributor to the development of the business sector in the Sultanate, placing high importance on community involvement and knowledge sharing, as well as supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Earlier this year, BankDhofar launched its comprehensive strategic transformation plan that comprises of various initiatives and projects to be executed over the coming five years. The bank has set a firm foundation and a clear roadmap to realise its vision of leading the banking industry in the region through providing best experience, customised products and best-in-class financial services. It aspires to create a strong brand by adopting lean processes and creating a highly professional performance culture, putting in mind the market trends and customer needs.

Aspiring to be the best bank, BankDhofar has directed all its efforts and resources towards these objectives. Today it is considered one of the best banks in the region, catering for customers’ needs and requirements, and setting the standards for the best customers experience within the banking industry in the Sultanate through creative solutions and innovation. BankDhofar has also continued its significant growth in all areas of business this year and won recognition from highly esteemed international and local institutions.

Mon, 26 Dec 2016

BankDhofar Promotes Best Security Practices in the Financial Sector & Works to Prevent Suspicious Transactions

  • BankDhofar continually adopts best security practices and employs latest technology in the financial sector.

Muscat, 05 December 2016:As part of its concentrated efforts to promote safe financial transactions and to boost the level of awareness within the financial sector in the Sultanate, BankDhofar participated in the Suspicious Transactions Awareness Forum that was organised recently by the National Centre for Financial Information (NCFI).

The two-day forum was inaugurated at the Crowne Plaza Hotel under the auspices of Hamoud bin Sanjour al Zedjali, Executive President of the Central Bank of Oman (CBO), Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. The event brought together officials, directors of government agencies, financial agencies and institutions, non-financial businesses and professions, and non-profit associations and bodies.

Commenting on the event, Ahmed Said Al Ibrahim, Chief Corporate Services Officer at BankDhofar, reiterated the bank’s commitment to ensure secure financial transactions and urged customers to have the essential awareness of suspicious transactions and fraud attempts. “This forum highlighted the local and international developments and issues relevant to anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism. We aim to promote key knowledge of risks related to financial transactions, learn about the latest standards and best practices in this field and to set advanced measures to prevent financial crimes and suspicious transactions,” he said.

BankDhofar has been continuously investing in systems and procedures to adhere to best international security standards. In recognition of its commitment to provide best-in-class banking services through adopting best security practices and employing latest technology in the financial sector, the bank has achieved the revised ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Re-Certification.

Aspiring to be the best bank in the Sultanate of Oman and the wider Gulf area, BankDhofar works constantly to cater for customers’ needs and requirements, setting the standards for the best customer experience within the banking industry in the Sultanate through creative solutions and innovation. The combination of the thorough vision of BankDhofar’s executive management, the comprehensive operational strategy that revolves around following best international banking practices and providing best customer experience, as well as commitment to community development and contribution to the growth of the national economy, placed BankDhofar on top of the list of best banks in the region.

Tue, 06 Dec 2016

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