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Chances to Win for All Family Members with BankDhofar Savings Account Scheme 2020 Draws

  • More than OMR 1.5 Million await lucky winners till year end
  • Guaranteed prizes for every branches, bigger prizes and more winners.

Muscat, 18 June 2020: Affirming its willingness to encourage saving habits within the community, BankDhofar conducted a number of Savings Account Scheme 2020 draws including; guaranteed monthly - branch wise- prizes, minor prizes, youth prizes, Omani Women's Day prizes, National Day prizes, and Al Riadah Priority Banking prizes.

Commenting on the draws, Talib Mohammed Al Hajri, Acting AGM & Head of Branches Network, said: "I would like to congratulate the winners in the Savings Account Scheme 2020 draws. In this years' scheme, we ensured to provide the chance to win for all the family members, including, children, youth, and women. The scheme offers guaranteed prizes for every branches, bigger prizes and more winners. I would like to encourage our customers to continue saving, as it might be their turn to win in the coming draws with a total prize amount of around OMR 1.5 Million till the end of the year."

With a total of nearly OMR 2 million, the scheme is valid till December 2020. As per the prize draw scheme, BankDhofar customers who save a minimum of 100 OMR in their accounts are eligible to enter the draws and get the chance to win in the guaranteed branch wise draws including; the monthly prize draws for all customers worth OMR 1,000 (each/ branch wise), and the monthly minor prize draws worth OMR 250 each/ branch wise. In addition to that, this year's Savings Account Scheme includes Monthly prize draws worth OMR 5,000 for 2 winners each, and Youth Prizes worth OMR 1,000 for 2 winners each. BankDhofar will continue celebrating occasions with customers through rewarding them for saving. The Bank will conduct Omani Women's Day prize draw, where 5 lucky winners will take home OMR 1,000 each, and National Day prize draw where 5 customers will get the chance to win OMR 10,000 each. As for Al Riadah customers, one customer will win in the monthly draw a prize worth OMR 25,000, and grand prize draw worth OMR 250,000 for 2 winners each.

Thu, 18 Jun 2020

BankDhofar Shareholders Ratifies OMR 1 million CSR donation for COVID 19 in the Annual & Extraordinary General Meetings

Muscat| 10 June 2020: The Board of Directors of BankDhofar has conducted the Extraordinary & Annual General Meetings (EGM & AGM) on Tuesday 2nd June. The meeting, held online through the electronic platform for holding general meetings, was chaired by Eng. Abdul Hafidh Salim Rajab Al Aujaili, Chairman of the Board, and attended by the Board members, Senior Management of the Bank and Shareholders.

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) approved the amending of the Bank’s Articles of Association in accordance with the new Commercial Companies Law, promulgated by Royal Decree No 18/2019.

While the Annual General Meeting (AGM), approved the Report of the Board of Directors of the Bank on the business and financial position of the Bank for the financial year ended 31st December 2019. The meeting brought to the attention of Shareholders the cash dividend distributed to the Shareholders on 25/3/2020, at the rate of 3 baisas per share, as well as the transactions in which the Bank entered with related parties during the financial year ended 31st December. The sitting fees being availed by the members of the Board of Directors and members of the Board sub-committees along with the members of the Sharia Supervisory Board for the financial year ended 31st December 2019, were ratified and the sitting fees for the next financial year were specified. The meeting approved the proposed Directors’ remuneration of OMR 115,200 for the financial year ended 31st December 2019. Additionally, the donations paid to support local community services for the financial year ended 31 December 2019 were brought to the attention of the shareholders.

The meeting also approved allocating OMR 120,000 for supporting local community services for the financial year ending 31 December 2020.

The Shareholders ratified the donation of OMR One Million as a contribution to the efforts exerted to fight the outbreak of Corona Virus/Covid19. The meeting also agreed to appoint the External Auditors and Sharia External Auditors for the financial year 2020.

Wed, 10 Jun 2020

Enjoy Exclusive Offers by Using BankDhofar Cards at Al Maha Filling Stations

  • The offer is valid until 23rd May 2020

Muscat | 04 May 2020: BankDhofar has joined hands with Al Maha to provide an exclusive offer for BankDhofar customers. As part of the offer, BankDhofar customers will get 10% cashback on fuel filling at Al Maha filling stations.

Commenting on the offer, Dr. Tariq Taha, DGM and Chief Digital Banking Digital & Information Officer said: "At BankDhofar we are always keen to ensure our customer's satisfaction with our products, services and offers. We have collaborated with Al Maha, to introduce an exclusive offer for BankDhofar customers where they get 10% cashback on their fuel filling. We encourage our customers to benefit from this offer by using their BankDhofar debit card at Al Maha filling stations. We look forward to provide more offers in the future."

The offer can be availed exclusively by using BankDhofar Debit Cards at Al Maha filling stations. Purchase amount will be deducted, then 10% will be credited back to the customer’s account. The offer is valid from 24th April to 23rd May 2020.

In addition to Al Maha 10% cashback offer, BankDhofar offer a vast array of exclusive benefits and privileges, for BankDhofar cards holders, including appealing discounts and special offers at various shopping outlets, hotels, health and wellness outlets, dining, boutiques, travel, leisure and entertainment. Special offers include exclusive discounts when using BankDhofar debit or credit cards.

BankDhofar credit card holders may benefit from the Rewards Program and enjoy holidays, travel, shopping, and a better lifestyle for free. Every time they use BankDhofar’s credit cards, they earn points which may be redeemed at various shopping outlets, restaurants, cafes, health clubs and spas.

Mon, 04 May 2020

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